Reclaim Your Mojo: The Creative Formula Survival Guide for the Avid Artist

Get unblocked with this die-hard artists' bible so you can unleash your creative beast and get paid for your passion!

Do you ever wonder:

Is this really worth it? . . . Who do I think I am anyway?

You are a natural born creator, that's who.

Yes you! You haven't come this far with this much passion for nothing.

It's understandable to have self-doubt once in awhile or to feel blocked. The path of the artist is windy, and unclear at times. But that's exactly why I created this course.

It's like having your very own team of virtual coaches, a hypnotherapist, a bad ass money mentor, creative support, an encouraging creative environment all rolled into one place. Ahhhh!

This will lead you out of the dark.

The Creative Formula Survival Guide for the Avid Artist is

A Tried and True Method . . .

I've led this particular course several times over the last three years. Some of these methods I've refined through teaching students over the past ten years. It's been tested on professional composers, choreographers, singer-songwriters, actors, and poets. Each time I refined it, learned from my beautiful participants and took out anything that didn't work.

For Overcoming What's Blocking You

Got anxiety? Got blocks? Regrets? An inner critic? Fears that shut you down? Did you think you were the only one?

You are not alone. All of us creatives face this. And so, there is an entire section to help you deal with this stuff - no sweeping it under the rug or trying to grimace and "push through!" - you'll get support through the powerful one on one support, straight from the heart videos, and guided techniques that help you create change directly at the subconscious core level to really ALIGN yourself so you can stop resisting and start making work instead.

Moving From Frozen to Focused

These lessons and the words in here will reach you like a song sung at a pitch that pierces through all the other noise in your head. It's like the dog whistle only artists can hear. Artists with a fierce desire to see their visions become reality.

This course is designed to unfold you like parachute at 10,000 feet supporting you so you can drift back down to earth enlightened by the larger birds' eye view.

This course will rock you, envelope you, entice you and shake you up until you are ready.

Ready to expose. The core. Of You.

The bits where the delicious art lives inside of you.

The Simplicity of Unleashing Your Creative Beast

Tuck into your favorite chair and just listen a little. . . and a little more. . while we lead you back to that place deep inside you.

You remember? That whispering place.

The one that enticed you to become who you are. The voice that got you here in the first place?

The place where you hear yourself saying,

Yeah, . . .hey, you know. . . this stuff is pretty good.

I'm really onto something.

In Just 40 days

In just 40 days, or at your own pace (that's beauty of an online course afterall!) you'll go from stuck nights watching Netflix and feeling crummy and jealous about everyone else's creative work to an inspired, moving, and making creative beast!

The distance from here to the moon may seem far, but you have this rocket ship jet fueled course designed to help you Reclaim Your Mojo.

You'll create original masterful work from start to finish

This course, the invigorating creative challenges, the timeless audio recordings, the captivating videos, the supportive bonuses, everything is designed to help you

Get Inspired

Show Up

Create Stuff

Refine it

Get it Done!

AND THEN . . .

Leave you overflowing with momentum for more!

What you'll get:

  • Motivation to mix it up, get started, look within, and create stuff
  • An opportunity to unpack your own personal challenges
  • Special strategies for how to deal with self-criticsm, doubt, regret, stagnation, and rejection
  • Total Mindset Shifts to help you break old habits and create long-lasting changes
  • Inspiration and Momentum with the support of the Creative Formula framework, a method crafted carefully to slowly open you up and seduce you into creative work
  • Unique creative challenges that can be used with music, dance, writing, any kind of art!
  • Tools for shaping and refining your work
  • Guidance through the evolution of your work from just "sketches" or rough drafts, to finished, crafted pieces

How You'll Get It:

  • 1 hour Private Coaching session with Creativity Coach and Bestselling Author, Holly Shaw
  • Your own digital copy of the Amazon Bestseller, The Creative Formula: Compose, Choreograph, and Capture Your Masterpiece
  • Your own downloadable 36 page Workbook to help guide you through the course
  • Lifetime access to 7 downloadable gentle yet effective hypnosis recordings
  • 27 Unique Writing and Creative Exercises
  • 40 Inspiring and Valuable Content Packed Video Modules
  • Monthly Q&A Meetings with the Performers & Creators Lab Community for ongoing support


We've teamed up with other creative and money experts to include even more resources to help you be successful!

  • The Business of Art: Get a total money mindset shift with this 30 minute interview with Minette Riordan, author of the Artful Marketer
  • Rebounding After Rejection: Get practical tools for managing the disappointment with this 30 minute interview with Creativity Coach, Richard Jones
  • The Elemental Empowerment Process: Learn an effective method for pulling yourself into alignment when you watch this 30 minute interview with Karen Olson
  • FREE GIFTS from all three of these special guests including coaching sessions!

So, not only do you get an hour of private coaching from Holly Shaw, but you can also connect for three additional sessions with all three guest instructors - and it's all included in this course for free!